Upcoming on March 13, 2020

ORG Oxford: CryptoParty - Privacy after Brexit

Join us at our second CryptoParty in Oxford for a series of lightening talks & workshops about all things digital rights.

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Upcoming on March 03, 2020

ORG Cambridge March digital rights meetup

Join us for our monthly meetup to discuss technology's impact on our rights online and what we can do about it.

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Upcoming on February 17, 2020

ORG Glasgow: Is digital surveillance creating a culture of self-censorship?

POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER! NOW ON 17 FEB. Join us for a fascinating evening of talks and discussions that will explore how free we now are to research, explore and express ourselves in a world where more and more of what we clicked is being watched. Guest speakers: Nik Williams (Project Manager, Scottish PEN), David McMenemy (Lecturer in Information Science at the University of Strathclyde, and Deputy Director for Postgraduate Teaching) and Dr Lauren Smith (University of Edinburgh).

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Past event on February 12, 2020

ORG Norwich: How will Brexit affect UK life online?

Join us at 6:30pm at NeonTribe when Open Rights Group campaigns manager Mike Morel will tell us about the way UK digital policy will change after leaving the EU. He’ll detail which EU laws and institutions that currently influence UK rights to free speech online and digital privacy will remain and which will change.

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Past event on February 10, 2020

ORG London: How Police surveillance undermines digital privacy

Join us in London to hear about Privacy International & Liberty's campaign for the public to have a greater say as to whether their local police force should be allowed to use highly intrusive technologies to surveil the public.

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Past event on February 04, 2020

ORG Cambridge: February meetup

Join us for our monthly meeting to discuss the latest digital rights issues, ORG's current campaigns, and future event plans for ORG Cambridge.

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Past event on January 20, 2020

ORG London: How will Brexit affect UK life online?

It may not make the headlines, but Brexit’s impact on UK life online will be a gamechanger. Join us for a night with Open Rights Group to discuss how leaving the European Union will affect how UK residents experience the Internet.

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Past event on January 15, 2020

ORG Norwich January 2020 Meetup

Join us for two presentations, one by Charles Strange 'Dark Patterns: the Illusion of Choice' and one by Mark Dunn 'Privacy Protection: Confused and Vulnerable' (drawing on Mark's experience of working with local campaigns relating to vulnerable adults).

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Past event on January 07, 2020

ORG Cambridge January 2020 meetup

Join us for our monthly meetup to discuss digital rights issues and ORG's campaigns.

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Past event on December 06, 2019

ORG Newcastle: The Great Hack film screening & SAR workshop

Join us for a special election season event about disinformation and manipulation in political campaigning. We're offering a FREE screening of the Great Hack followed by a workshop to clean up UK political campaigning. Register your ticket now.

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